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I wanted to share the news that I have uploaded Transcending Love onto Booksprout today. There are 20 copies available to read for FREE until 31st Jan 2021 [since posting, there are now 19 copies available]. The only caveat is that you please leave a review 

That’s it! Simply sign up to Booksprout as a reader (if you aren’t already), and download the ARC. Click here for the Booksprout ARC link. You get a free copy of Transcending Love and when you’re done reading, please leave an honest review.

Transcending Love was released at the beginning of December on Amazon and is available as either an ebook or paperback. As a debut self-published author, reviews are really important. I am very conscious that not everyone will like the genre or style, so here is a little bit of information about Transcending Love.

Transcending Love is a love story with a wee paranormal/metaphysical twist. It is written in the first person present tense and has two POV characters, Elise and Joel. ‘Will Elise sacrifice herself in her dreams, in order to save Joel in his reality?’

The story starts in the UK and travels the globe with Joel who is a journalist. The tagline – Three Continents, Two Hearts, One Soul reflects the essence of the story.

An honest constructive critique of the book helps in so many ways. Reviews influence other readers and also move the book up the Amazon ladder.

If you take up this ARC offer, the time that you spend writing your review is really appreciated. If you like the book, then please can I ask you to share your review far and wide which will invite other readers to consider my work.

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