Hi, I’m Louise

Having grown up on the coast in Norfolk, inevitably, I’m drawn towards the ocean and towards nature. One of my favourite places in the world is a little island off the Gulf Coast of Florida called Sanibel Island. My debut novel, Transcending Love, features in a small way, this wonderful oasis.

Whilst I’m writing now, my background is in policing. Just like my character’s dreams in Transcending Love, I dreamt from an early age of being a police officer, and in fact, wanted to be Cagney from Cagney and Lacey. Being influenced by 1970s and 1980s police programmes, I knew one day I would achieve my dream.

For me though, dreaming is not just aspirational, it’s subconscious too. Transcending Love will take you on an emotional journey following my character’s subconscious and aspirational dreams. “Will Elise sacrifice herself in her dreams in order to save Joel in his reality?” Read Transcending Love to find out.

My next project is literally a run or a hoover away! I jest not; I have many storylines germinate in my mind whilst out running or pushing the hoover around. The chalkboard in the kitchen is home to all the novel titles which fleetingly come to me, and if not captured, will evaporate in an instant.

Whilst Transcending Love is contemporary women’s fiction, the novel I am currently working on is a dystopian thriller. As a lifelong dreamer, my vivid imagination helps me craft engaging tales and adventures. With my heart and soul firmly cemented in my work, I unashamedly admit that I would love my superpower to be flying.

When I’m not writing for pleasure, I also produce articles for a sight loss magazine and work as a Freelance Fundraiser for a local charities.

Please follow me on my journey from debut author to novelist.


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