Transcending Love – the debut novel by

Louise Jelley

Will Elise sacrifice herself in her dreams in order to save Joel in his reality?

Transcending Love is a contemporary work of fiction about a love story between a husband and wife with a metaphysical twist.

Elise couldn’t love Joel more. He is in her heart, on her mind, and when he leaves on a journalistic assignment within the US Military, he’s in her dreams.

The danger doesn’t stop at Joel’s feet. It begins in Elise’s subconscious. The longer he’s away, the greater the distance between them, and the more vivid her dreams grow.

Soon, the lines between her nocturnal visions and her everyday reality blur. As she searches for answers, she makes a stunning discovery. 

With aspirational and subconscious dreams colliding, Transcending Love will take you on an emotional journey filled with adventure, drama, and everlasting love.

Louise Jelley has taken our subconscious dreams, which we all take for granted, and turned them into an adventure where anything is possible.

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